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Jan 30, 2013

Dear professor,
First of all, i 'd like to apologize in advance for my English, as i am not a native english speaker.
I am an Egyptian freshly graduated physician, I am 24, female, raised as a muslim.

I have never thought of my self as a spiritual person, I have always believed in science, and i was always fascinated by molecular biology and cytology. and about how the human body works.

My religion was always running parallel to science, always there, i never tried to look for the contradiction between the Quran and Science, i believed in evolution, and in the big bang but i never saw how that would make me not believe in God, or why does that contradicted the presence of God or may be i was afraid to think that, because i knew according to my mind set that i only believe in scientific facts.

In the Islamic world, the Quran and Sunna are taboo, we all believe beyound doubt that the Quran is literally the words of God. and that Muhammed is a holy man who can make no mistakes. so if there is something in the Quran that didn't make sense, or contradicts the known scientific facts we always doubt our selves, and lie to our selves, and assume that we don't get it because we are not wise enough, or open minded enough, or spiritual enough, and that one day we 'll get the point.

Then luckily one day, i read this book about Arabs before the Islam, and the begining of Mohammed's prophecy, and another book that mentioned lots of historic facts about the collection of the Quran. and the taboo was broken, i could see how the Quran is just the words of a man who lived among certain people and spoke their language, nothing is special there, nothing is holy, and i started seeing the Quran from a whole new prospective, and i could see clearly the defects, the contradictions, the mistakes in garmmer, the scientific and historic falacies, the rediculus ways of Imams and Shieks to bend the truth, and find excuses and unreasonable explanations.

I have to admit that i ve always seen someof those things, but it was the first time to not try and justify them.
After that, i read your book, The God Delusion. i luckily found an arabic translation. it was a great experience. a reasonable explanation for all the issues i couldn't explain, and your book also changed my prospective about how harmful religions can be when people take them seriously and take the words literally.

Before reading your book, i though that some people need to believe there is a God in order to behave in a certain way. buti now i know that what people need is a solid law that prevents them from stepping over the rights of another human being, and as long as religions exists some people will find it okay to kill another human being in the name of God.

I have to say that now i am very comfortable with where i am, i feel more honset with my self, i finally got rid of this fog arround my brain, the fog that prevented me from seeing the beauty of the universe and enjoy a guilt free life, and do the good because i am good not because i am afraid of punishment or want a reward. but i also have to say that i can't come out of the closet, i have to still pretend i am a muslim, because where i live people aren't free to say who they really are, i have to live with a double personality if i dont want a crazy person slitting my throat in the name of “Allah”, or my family cursing me and boycotting me for crossing over to the camp of “Kuffar” and just hope that oneday this will change, although i doubt it.

Lastly i would like to thank you professor for helping in changing my life and my future, and giving me the courage to admit to my self what i was a always afraid to admit.


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