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Jan 30, 2013

Professor Dawkins, you most likely will not be able to read this because of the thousands of other fan mail you get but let me be brief. I was born and breed in a suburb of Washington D.C, to and Roman Catholic family that immigrated from Poland. I never was really religious, and my parents were above all, secularists, who were strong believers of evolution and science. I started questioning god when I was about in middle school until I went out and borrowed the god delusion from the library. Being in middle school, I did not understand it to much, and only made it about halfway. Ever since, I have been watching all your videos, debates, and keeping up with you because you are a true hero Richard. You advocate reality, which in this century is quite embarrassing not to accept. I am currently reading The Greatest Show on Earth and my goal is to read all of your books. I must say that I really look up to you for your promotion of science, freethought, and godless view. Thank you professor. It is better now that I grasp what is true then later. Because of you, I am a science loving, knowledge hungry atheist. You are a true champion.

Peace and much love, Alex

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