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Jan 30, 2013

Professor Dawkins,

I was raised in the Anglican Church. My family was not particularly religious but there was an acceptance of the “fact” of God. I started having my doubts early when my father would talk of his years in the war fighting Hitler. I would wonder how a loving God could let something like this happen. I kept my doubts to myself for my teen and early adulthood years. After university I was married, in the United Church, and my wife and I attended church. While I would sometimes enjoy the odd sermon,well spoken, I continued to doubt. Really the whole concept did not make any sense. When our children came along we again attended church for their sake. This lasted a few years then I could not justify the hypocrisy anymore so we stopped going. The outing finally came a few years back. My wife had been diagnosed with a benign tumour on the lining of her brain. She was in surgery for 8 long hours. During this time I paced the floor and sat and prayed. It was while I sat that it came to me, the whole religious fairy tale, was a fake. There would be no miracle. No loving caring God would have given my wife this tumour, and why would they perform a miracle to save my wife but not to save the father of three in the next room with cancer. No, the only people that could help were there, in the OR. The surgeon that had spent years studying and learning, the nurses and other doctors. It was their skill, not the whim of an unseen deity. I actually felt a calm descend, knowing that her fate was in the best hands, those of a skilled and caring doctor. She came out of the operation fine and in 5 days was home. Within 2 months we were all out skiing. Science had provided our answer. I now more openly spoke of my rejection of religion. My children too are science people and firmly believe in evolution. They see religion for what it is and ancient belief system with no place in a modern world.


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