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Jan 30, 2013

Dear Professor Dawkins,

My name is Richard and I am currently a student at a high school in Brooklyn, New York. Before I read your works and watched your videos on the internet, I was a very devout Catholic. I believed in evolution and was relatively scientifically literate. Now, however, I am no longer religious in the way that I once was. I am religious not in the sense of worshipping God, but in the sense of looking at the beauty and complexity of our Universe with awe. I have been liberated in ways that many can only imagine. I have come to see our world and my life for what it is, a precious oppurtunity to bring joy to others and myself, because I see it as the only life I have, and so I cherish it. I am not necessarily a militant atheist, I may be a deist in the way that Einstein and Spinoza were, but for the most part I am a de facto atheist. I must take this oppurtunity to express my gratitude to you. You have opened my eyes to the world, and for that I owe you. I hope to become a scientist, and study in greater detail the beauty of our Universe as a physicist.
Richard Burke

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