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Jan 30, 2013

Dear Professor Dawkins,

The question always existed. The discomfort and hypocrisy glaringly obvious.
I read your book, The God Delusion, last year while 'specifically' searching for books on science and atheism. (Before that I had never heard of you, Matt Ridley, Sam Harris and others.)

At 31, the purchase of The God Delusion has proved to be my most crucial purchase- indeed, a life-changing decision.

Your writing- passionate, elegant, eloquent and so rich of the factual beauty of the world around us has astounded me. It, finally, liberated me.

I bought every book of yours and Mr. Matt Ridley, and I'm thankful while turning the pages of books like 'the origins of virtue', that there is, (to paraphrase Mr. Douglas Adams most inventive line), indeed the most beautiful garden without having to believe in fairies.

I'm committed to do my bit in the public understanding of science. I firmly believe that your books should have their place in schools everywhere.

One day, thanks to scientists and thinkers like you the idea of religion and god will be as obsolete, absurd, and abstract as the conviction of a flat Earth.

Your admirer,


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