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Jan 30, 2013

Respected Professor Dawkins,

My name is Mateus Matias, I'm a sixteen-year-old boy from Brazil and I have just startted reading your book “The God Delusion” (In Portuguese, “Deus, um delírio”). The first thing I apologize for is my English. I was raised to be a good Evangelic boy, which is not very common in Brazil, once everyone here is mostly Catholic. My conversion happened when I was ten, in a tiny church near home, and ever since then I got really involved with religion. I've read the Bible many times and began to preach at the age of fourteen – I used to be considered the “Young Prophet.” Today I understand that I've hidden in Protestantism because of all problems I had to face at home: my mother was a psychopath and used to beat almost every day – I used to blame the devil. When my father got involved with another woman and left me, once again I thought it was the devil (poor devil!). Nowadays I realize how ridiculous and blind I've been all those years and I realize that finally light has been thrown upon my mind. I thank you for showing me that there are more possibilities than only fanatic faith, which only contributed to make me turn into a social phobic and depressive person. When I talked about your book with my biology teacher – who is also a Methodist Pastor -, he said the the theory of Darwin was nothing but an evidence that “God” has created Earth and everything that exists in it. I just hope I can finish reading your book before my grandmother burns it and sends me to Holy Inquisition.

Mateus Matias

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