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Jan 30, 2013

Dear Professor Dawkins.

I would like to begin by giving my sincere thanks to Richard Dawkins. You have opened the door to true morality for me, and countless others. For this, i cannot thank you enough. I have not yet had the pleasure of reading all your books. But i plan to soon

On another note.
This isn't a real convert story. But i thought i would toss in my two cents anyway. Much of my views are derived from R.D. So if you are already a convert, than my story will probably bore you to sleep. I hope your in your pajamas.

I have never been a true Christian, although i was raised in a Christian home. But there was a time when i did believe. And this is why it troubles me to no end, when i see those who are hopelessly trapped in there small, one track minds. I am no genius, but at least i know reality when i see it. If only they could see truth for what it really is, and the beauty within reality, they would never dream of turning back. And the world would be a much better, safer place.
But that is clearly nothing more than fantasy. At least in the case of devout Christians. The fact is many people either inherit, or develop a dislike of mystery in the name of faith. Unfortunately for us, faith is just another word for delusion. And i realize now that delusion always has the potential to breed evil.

It literally makes me sick sometimes to contemplate the implications of this tragedy. For it holds the potential of almost inconceivable consequences for us all. The difference between a life based in reality, and a life based in delusion. I believe is ultimately the difference between our survival, and our inevitable demise.
There is no doubt that a true scientific mind, encompasses the best set of moral values anyone could ever wish for. After all, no self-respecting-self aware being has the potential to inflict serious emotional, or physical harm on anyone.
Race holds no significance other than historical , and cultural differences.

I know you all have probably heard this before, but it's one of my favorites, and i remember R.D quoting it as well.
The great american physicist Steven Weinberg once said. “Religion is an insult to human dignity. Without it we would have good people doing good things. And evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, it takes religion.”
Now with that in mind i have no doubt there are many good people who walk in the shadows of evil. Either in the name of science, or in some cases maybe even some twisted sense of curiosity. But imagination is one thing. Reality on the other hand is quite another. For any true atheist, the two can never coexist in the wake of hurt and destruction that is sure to follow.

It is the difference between a husband imagining killing his wife in the heat of an argument. And a husband in serious contemplation of doing so. Although be it subtle. It is never the less a major difference.
That is what i believe true morality is all about. It is not what we think, but what we do that really matters. `
The human condition is complicated at best. There are many ugly truths in human society. And i believe the ugly truths to hold the key, in solving the coming crisis of humanity. If we shy away from truth, merely because it is ugly, as creationists do. Than we will never get to the root cause of mans evil actions. Delusion is what needs to be resolved if we are to survive into the coming centuries. And the more working on it, the better.

If we do not come together and see the difference between imagination and reality, in a timely frame. I fear that we are in for a rude awakening in the near future. Evil really is keen to a virus. And it is rapidly spreading through the delusional minds who are willing to bring it into reality.
This is not a world i would like to raise children in. And it is the main reason why i have been hesitant in doing so.
The ideal world for me, is one where delusion is a thing of the past. Where the worst that could happen in a heated dispute, is a difference in opinion. Where every human being is taught real science. And therefore know the crucial difference between imagination and reality.

But i have no illusions of reality, other than what we all face in our own existence. There will always evil in the world, as long as there are those who either cannot, or do no wish to comprehend reality for what it is. Not to mention those who have no morals to speak of.

Thankfully science is gaining ground. And i feel obligated to contribute to science in some way. For it has cured many delusions, and character flaws of which i never even knew existed. Thanks to Richard Dawkins, and the many who have contributed to the general knowledge of humanity/science, the worst i am capable of, is lashing out verbally out of pure inpatients. And even that i am working on removing from my character.

I no longer harbor anger, because i realize there is nothing to be angry about. We are all incredibly privileged just to be alive. Anything beyond simple existence, like the great mystery's of life, are nothing less than a celestial gift to humanity.
I used to only care for the people close to me. But now i have a deep respect for not only every human being. But all life.
We all share this beautiful spec of dust called earth. And whether we like it or not, we are all a part of nature. The Magnificent Family Tree.
If only we could all see it.

Again my sincerest gratitude to Richard Dawkins. May you and your family live long, and healthy lives. The world is in dire need of many more like you.

Best wishes
Darryl Peters


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