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Jan 30, 2013

Dear Richard:

I was raised Christian, but recently attended a Unitarian Universalist Church, which I quite enjoyed. This venture opened my mind to other religious belief systems and within a couple of months, I attended a local Free Thought group meeting. At first, I was taken off guard by the topics of discussion, but I quickly began to ask questions and appreciated everyone’s unique spiritual journeys. I also soon became comfortable with the dialogue that comes with being skeptical.

Somewhere along my journey, I found you on YouTube and have been a huge fan of yours ever since. THANK YOU!

I am reading The God Delusion and have also purchased two of your other books, Evolution – The Greatest Show on Earth as well as the Selfish Gene. Interestingly, within about a six month time frame, I went from being a Christian of 43 years, to a Secular Humanist, and finally now, dare I say, I am an Atheist, albeit the word non-theist doesn’t sound so threatening to my theist friends. It is strange however how my new view of life and the world around me has been received from my peer group. I can see why some Atheists are still in the closet. I think this is changing however – and rightly so.

Anyway….life is a fantastic journey and I am so thankful that your understanding of the world has been so thoughtfully presented to the masses of those who care to critically think for themselves. I feel like a cloud has been lifted and I can begin to see the world and my life differently. It is hard to put in words how much I appreciate the work that you do. You knowledge of evolution and your interest in teaching are great gifts that you are sharing. The best part is that what you believe is based on the evidence. Brilliant!

Keep up the good work!


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