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Jan 30, 2013

Though I had never struggled with the theory of evolution, I had long been on the fence about the existence of god/gods. I was haunted by the need to belong — to believe in something. I attempted, through various demeaning religious avenues, to grasp at this thing called belief only to fall short. I seemed condemned always to be the doubter left out in the cold. I envied the people around me who could believe and seemed so at peace.

During this time, I was attending university and my assigned reading in a genetics class were the recently released Selfish Gene and the Blind Watchmaker. It was odd feeling simultaneously disturbed and fascinated as I read them one after another. Like laser beams, the facts burned away each of my misguided superstitious assumptions.

For being one of many godless intellectuals who 'saved' me and helped me recognize what an amazing gift my one and only life is, I owe great thanks. May you prosper and continue to spread the good reason.

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