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Jan 30, 2013

Dear Richard

I think your book should be left in hotel rooms instead of Gideon's Bible, only problem is they wouldn't stay there very long being such a good read! I spent 5 years in a convent (it was the best school in our area) and I was often referred to as ' an irreverent non-catholic!'.We had apartheid in South Africa then but didn't know it extended to schools in some form, I might have well been one of the oppressed, but the non-Catholics were usually the ones who paid the school fees for the not so well off Catholics so we were tolerated! I was also good at sport which is another reason I was kept on! My father was an atheist but didn't really share his thoughts with us and let us go in the direction we felt like. My mother abhorred ' God Botherers!'. Then to my disgust when my son was about 10 my mother in law convinced him to become a Catholic which lead to lawyer's letters and a ten year rift between her and I. I have almost become as crazy as a fervent religious convert trying to get people to read your book and get rid of the brainwashing!


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