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Jan 30, 2013

Greetings Professor Dawkins,

Never in my entire 21 years (now 23) as a Catholic did I imagine that I would end up as an atheist! I grew up in a predominantly Catholic country where religion was part of life as air is. It took me three things to finally realize my unfortunate delusion – migration to a less conservative country, a couple of college-level science classes, and an atheist friend that wouldn't stop talking about you. Based on experience, converting the average religious person would be a very hard battle to win. However, my love for the study of the natural world has enlightened me to break free from religion, as well as taught me to always be critical and rational of the things around me. Children should really not be deprived of learning Evolution in school because doing so would defeat the purpose of education. Science explains everything so beautifully that I am humbled by it. Darwinism is so much more touching than the idea of a sky daddy designer, isn't it? I am hoping that you could come visit us in Los Angeles as I would be thrilled and delighted to see you in person. I admire your intelligence and your work and you are a truly one of the greatest assets of society.


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