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Jan 30, 2013

Dear Doctor Dawkins,

When I first read The God Delusion, I was as staunch and devout a Catholic as any man could be. My father and mother raised me to be, and although he was a mathematician and I grew up studying and loving science, I was convinced anything contradictory in the Bible or the catechism could be explained by faults of men who wrote the Bible and invented dogma, and that basically the idea of Jesus being God was in no way contradictory to evolution or geology or anything of the sort. I loved the book then, however, because I found it rational and well argued and very important for the discussion on religion, and I thoguht most religious persons were definitely fanatical and dangerous. Still, I was Catholic.

Yet something about it stuck in me. And in my first year of university, as a student of both physics and geology, my biochemistry professor gave a lecture on your work and how inspiring it was to see how godlessly beautiful the world was. I don't remember the exact mechanism in human cellular chemistry he talked about specifically, but it was amazing indeed. It inspired me to look up your old works, and then return to the God Delusion. The irony is that one day something just clicked and I thought “there is no logic behind free will, in any abstract case or sense”. Suddenly I really truly appreciated and understood the Atheist movement from a whole new perspective. Everything unraveled from there, as I realised my belief in the scientific process was not compatible with the belief that four radically different accounts of a man, decades after the fact, verify his divinity.

As a side note, my physics grades shot up from that point on.

Now I hope to get my doctorate and work in public understanding of science as well. I'm launching a website, and we'll see where life takes me. Thank you for your continued work, thank you for your books and lectures. The growing number of intellectuals discussing atheism is vital, and much appreciated by long time atheists and converts alike.


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