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Jan 30, 2013

Having read your brilliant book The God Delusion,I felt that I had to write to you.

I have been raised a muslim since the day I learnt to talk.In my early teenhood,I was a religious person.I prayed 5x a day,read the koran whenever possible and fast during Ramadhan.

At the age of 17,I decided I have had enough of religion.I became agnostic whose belief in god was waning over time.Near the age of 18,I became an unsure atheist.Later on,my christian girlfriend broke up with me because she felt our forbidden 3 year relationship could not last anymore.god would not be happy.

Then…I found out about your book and decided to buy a copy.The preface you wrote inspired me to the point that it shook off the fear and confusion that I was experiencing.It gave me the conviction that I was not alone.I became a commited atheist.

I do not deny that I still am worried about the backlash I might be/am facing with family, friends and the muslim community (in my country,once you have brown skin you're presumed to be a muslim).But I am stronger.Your book has inspired me to enjoy life better and marvel at the wonders of life,without any need to attribute it to a deity.Thank you and all the best.


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