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Jan 30, 2013

Refugee from the Roman Catholic Church

I am a bedraggled refugee from the “Holy” Roman Catholic Church, now a Card Carrying Atheist. Like Prof. Dawkins said about poor little kids like me, I was born a “Wee Catholic” and as a baby baptized into it against my will. I showed my displeasure by biting the priests's thumb regardless of the fact that, as I had no teeth, I could not draw blood. At the tender age of six I was bundled off to the Nuns for brainwashing. That was achieved with the aid of the cane. Two years later I was sent to a Roman Catholic College run by the dreaded Jesuit Fathers. They come third to the Christian Brothers and the Marist Brothers as sadists. Sunday Mass of course was the “cross” I had to endure. I lasted 30 years until I could stand no more. In the meantime any faith I had in Roman Catholicisn was dashed by the Second Vatican Council when the Tridentine Mass was banned and replaced by the heretical Novis Ordo Missae accompanied by guitars and whacky hillbilly “hymns”. I am an organist though never a church organist.

In the meantime I took a keen interest in Astronomy and Astrophysics thus realizing that Genesis was all crap as is all the bible. In the last few years with the aid of the Internet, I have seeked out the truth about religion and it's origins and found that Judeo/Christianity is based on two religions in the Middle East: Egyptology and the myths of Sumer. The bible badly rehashes many of the Egyptian myths. I am now proud to be an Atheist and very content as one.

Robert Tobin


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