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Jan 30, 2013

My story begins when I am still in 7-8th grade. I always watched star trek TOS and TNG after Saturday evening mass. The things I was hearing from the priest and on the show didn't seem to blend well with each other. Nevertheless, I tried to reconcile this by “explaining” God and “his creation” with science. I did this all the way to 10th grade. Then, after reading some biology books, and some physics books on Einstein's theories, it hit me – I was BSing myself.

Unfortunately, my parents are devote Catholics and wouldn't tolerate me “giving up my faith” or “losing my faith”. So, Still went to church, in a bad mood though. At this point I continued to read books on physics, logic and philosophy to try to prove that religion is BS. It was when I read a philosophy book (Intro to Phil by Earle) that had “the Problem of Evil” that basically proved it to me. The Problem of Evil is simply this:
1) God is All Powerful
2) God is All Good
3) Evil Exists

Basically, #3 is contradictory to #1, and 2 which proves that god does not exist!!

I finally “came out” and told my parents that religion is BS and dangerous and that I don't believe. They almost threw me out of the house. For some reason they did not and was able to finish HS and move onto college.

Now I finally feel “real” and “free” because I have belief in reality as it is, not how some “spooky incompetent father-figure” -George Carlin says it is. Thankx for being another source of truth in the world!!! If we come together – all of us “non-believers” – we can get rid of the virus that is religion!!!

P.S. Just ordered several of your books off of!!! I look forward to reading them!!!

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