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Jan 30, 2013

My own dropping out, tuning in and turning on

Dear Professor Dawkins,

Last year I was in rabbinical school at an Jewish Orthodox yeshiva. I had been studying 'ancient' Jewish texts for many years already (4 thousand years no longer seems particularly venerable) but last year, in that traditional environment, with its arcane processes and apologies for outdated views of the world based on the Torah (i.e. the Bible), I was growing more and more uncomfortable. Whatever this God was, I thought, it certainly couldn't care how my animals were slaughtered, for one thing. And my view of God didn't jibe with the others' in any event. I had been in line with Enstein's view, that the word expressed awe for the structure of the universe. Funny to be assured that this was sufficient belief to remain in the yeshiva. Also funny to see that this understanding put me squarely in the atheist/agnostic camp. In any event, I left those cloisters and haven't looked back, lucky to run into The God Delusion at the perfect time. And this led me to The Selfish Gene, A Devil's Chaplain, Darwin, Sam Harris et al. I have plenty of catching up to do. Thanks for exposing me to this rational, reasonable and exciting community.

yours truly,

Jim Plotkin

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