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Jan 30, 2013

Dear Richard,

I came across a Q & A article about you in which you were interviewed by Toronto Star journalist, Olivia Ward, about a week ago. It had the title “The atheist as fundamentalist… Richard Dawkins on why religious faith tends to create more evil people than, say, Stalinism.

I don't need to buy your book to know I long-stopped believing in a god, any god a few short years after my mother died. I accepted religion then, without question, even attending church with my mother, listening to a sermon and being bored. In high school, as an older teenager, I went with my mother to some religious event and recall vaguely, going up to the front of the auditorium and “accepting christ” something along that line.

I am a subscribed member to the Institute for Humanist Network News organization's online newsletter out of Albany, New York. The closest city to me, Toronto, doesn't have an online version of their newsletter.

I concur with Ashley's feelings about religion. My mother was a member of the United Church of England and I only went to church with her, while she was alive.

I'm an avid evolutionist and believe our Planet was formed via microbes.

Believing in the creation of the earth and all living beings in seven days, is a delusional concept at best, despite peoples' seeming intelligence. This is more of an emotional or psychological need to believe in something other than themselves, those who believe in a “deity”.



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