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Jan 30, 2013


The Selfish Gene was the book that made things fall into place for me. I was an undergraduate in college at the time and while I was leaning towards atheism, there was still something logically lacking in the atheist viewpoints which prevented me from fully embracing atheism. Prior to reading The Selfish Gene I was unable to put my finger on what that elusive point was. Viewing humans as simply survival machines constructed by DNA to assist in their replication was the idea that did it for me. By firmly establishing that people are no different than any other “survival machine” we see in nature and there is nothing
intrinsically special about humans compared to other species, The Selfish Gene provided the logical link that put everything in place. It took the human species out of the metaphysical and put it firmly in the natural world. The other arguments for atheism tried to keep that human “uniqueness among species” while getting rid of the god-idea from which it was derived. In this case, both the baby and the bathwater needed to go. Thanks from another intellectually fulfilled atheist!

Rich Lawrence, Kernersville NC

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