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Jan 30, 2013

Dear Richard,

I can't thank you enough for your work. I was raised by evangelical parents and in my teens I “accepted Jesus as my saviour”, but never felt comfortable with Christianity – I was told in no uncertain terms that you couldn't just be a quiet christian and get on with your life – there were millions of people bound for hell and you needed to publicly “proclaim christ” to save their souls – otherwise he would deny you at the day of judgement. I felt pretty stupid and uncomfortable doing any kind of evangelism, plus I was constantly haunted by the fear that I wasn't a good enough christian and my (fairly trivial) sins would disqualify me from heaven. I was tormented by the idea of being burned and tortured in hell for ever with the devil and wished I had never been born at all. I was in complete despair for a number of years.

In my twenties I came across your books and the penny eventually dropped – it was all a load of nonsense. Although it took a while, I eventually had the courage to drop my beliefs, and what a wonderful freedom it was! Apart from having to tell my family about my non-belief which felt a bit like telling them I was a child-molester, I felt better than I had done for years. The fears are still slightly there in the background still, but almost eradicated.

Thank you again for your inspiring work.
A huge fan


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