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Jan 30, 2013

I had always had doubts, but I was indoctrinated (abused) since childhood, so I tried to be a good Christian for my fundamentalist father and Lutheran pastors. I was always the kid who asked the wrong questions, like, “Now, what, again, does Jesus dying have to do with anything?” and “You mean my uncle, who doesn't believe in God, and is a very nice person is going to hell?” These questions were never answered and discouraged. It was easy for me to dismiss Santa Claus as ridiculous when I was 3 years old! However, that didn't apply to the loving, killing, murdering, patient, misogynist, racist, peaceful God. (That's really how confusing it all is. You read this rubbish in the Bible, but then everyone says how loving God is.)

I couldn't listen to the Beatles because they “worshipped the devil”. Canyou believe that? Imagine, I couldn't listen to “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” because it would corrupt me. Ludicrous.

I was stuck in that for 20 years. I subconsciously formed doubts in my mind and questioned, but pushed it away. Cue 10 years of just ignoring the problem when I come across “The Blind Watchmaker”. As I read it two primarythings occur to me: 1) a lot of what Professor Dawkins was saying, I had already realized, but pushed it away 2) I didn't know the first thing aboutevolution. I was 30 years old when I learned the first thing aboutevolution and it was from Professor Dawkins that I learned it. You canhardly get a better source of education, short of Charles Darwin himself.

Indeed, Professor Dawkins has done a great service to Darwin's work of

Professor Dawkins has rekindled my childhood sense of wonder. I'm AMAZED at how the universe and the world have unfolded to this point. I want to continually learn more. I know how evolution works and I know anyone who says it's a sham is another poor misguided person who deserves my pity and a few choice words of explanation to see if they help.

I will promote intellectual honesty every day that I can. I will alwaysfind wonder in the universe. I owe a great deal of that to Professor Dawkins. (Oh, “The God Delusion” is brilliant. Excellent work!)

Thank you so much. I can only hope to see you speak some day. Hope you stop by Chicago on the next tour!

Another Proud Convert,
Robert Johnson
Chicago, Illinois USA

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