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Jan 30, 2013

Let me give some background. I was raised a child of Catholic Parents. I at one point in my life believed that the bible was the literal word of god. Then around the age of 13 I began to do something that the church fears… I actually started reading it. At first I was scared by the fact that I didn't believe much of what was writen there (certainly my science teachers that I loved so much couldn't be wrong… but how could my priest with his authority on god be wrong about this?) In my own ways, I managed to rationalize the two together… certainly not everything in the bible was literal, some parts must have been stories to explain things such as the many fables of the greek, roman, and african civilizations that I had read as a child.

Later, as I came to a discovery of diversity, that is to say that I fully realized that by the sheer volume of religions in the world that I would have been Muslim if I was born to another family in Pakistan or Buddhist in Tibet, I began to question any of their claims to truth. However, the meme of belief in god and fear of death don't let go so easily. I've been a Deist for around 6 years now (since I came to college and was introduced to the term by an atheist History teacher of mine, if only he'd gone a bit farther).

Now to the conversion. I've recently picked up “The God Delusion” in audio book form to give me some good drive listening material to make a sane moment of Atlanta, GA traffic. I've only now reached the end of Chapter 4 and I have to say, your title for it was quite correct. The few arguments I've been able to hold onto for the existence of god (Parts of the Ontological and the Cosmological arguments) have been torn out, vivisected, and sterilized before my very eyes… and though it left me a little mentaly raw at first from having a belief I've been told I must have since I was a child cut open like a frog on a lab table, I feel that a large weight has been lifted off of my mind.

Drastic brain washing will take drastic deprogramming to fix, and I thank my luck that someone in the world had the stones to stand up and stop being polite about it.

Thank you Richard Dawkins! I'm now an atheist and damn proud of it!

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