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Jan 30, 2013


I am somewhat perplexed. “Conversion” like mutation is a long time coming, with our most recent rendezvous at 6 mya (your epic work “The Ancestors Tale”). I guess you believe in winning just a few converts at a time. Perhaps those that are deluded through nuture?

I grew up in a strong Catholic family with all the resulting intellectual repression, guilt and degrees of insanity. From the earliest age, I realised I was different this manifesting itself in the ability to think freely, to form beliefs from the awesome physical world around me. More importantly I was prepared to face up to the realities of my own and life's limitations, not live my life in apology and fear. I believe it was in my DNA to get out of religion's cage and live a fulfilling and rewarding life. The suicide bombers, happy clappers and, dare I say it, southern christians that you so gallantly engage in debate, are, like most humans, programmed to escape to God. No matter what debate and reason I have lovingly and sincerely applied to my dear family I have not converted any of the (now) 37 wonderful people around me. The best I can say is “God bless them”

Fortunately I have passed on the free thinking gene to my three sons. Faith and fairies will have to do for the rest. When can we diverge from Astro-human?

Peter McNamee

(all but Mt Improbable)

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