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Jan 30, 2013

Dear Richard

Thomas Huxley : Darwin's Bulldog….Richard Dawkin's : Darwin's Rottweiler

May I, arguably your greatest fan, lay claim to the title of 'Dawkin's Bloodhound'. Along with Sam Harris's End of Faith and your excellent books, all of which I own and am presently reading, my conscious ness has been well and truly raised…so much so that a year ago I became an apostate of the Anglican Church…I left amicably with confidence in assuming a atheistic life stance. Believe me, it was a big step but one I have not regretted for one single moment. I have become a member of my local humanist group, BHA, NSS, The Brights and, of course, your Foundation. Thank you so much for raising my awareness …I can now carry on sniffing out the truth, in true 'bloodhound' fashion.

Yours snuffingly, John Baker (1938…..)

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