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Jan 30, 2013

I'm not a religious person at the first place, although I was growing up I attending Christian schools. During my college days, a devout Christian friend keep persuading me to attend his “church”. It was one of those charismatic church where they gather in a big hall inside an office building or something, so it's not like a typical church. I was reluctant but he was so persistent, so I thought what the heck, there's nothing much to do on Sunday afternoon either. So this one was located at the 3rd floor, and one have to take the escalator to go up to that floor, and during the 3rd or 4th visit, someone from a competing church was standing near to the escalator at the 2nd floor handing out brochures saying that his church promise everyone that join them will go to heaven. It was really an eye-opener. This church thing is really more about making money and make a living out of it especially for the people at the top, and they member of the church think that they're doing the lord's work by getting as many people to join them. That single event was like the point where I abandon the whole idea about religion. In my opinion, anyone who went to school and have the smallest amount of reason should know that the idea behind religion is simply ridiculous.

S.G. Gecko

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