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Jan 30, 2013

Your books have helped me greatly in getting over the brainwashing of my childhood. I was raised in an conservative evangelical home, in the Church of the Nazarene. I took it all very seriously but by the time I was in my 20's I was, anguishingly, having very many doubts. I doubted my salvation and longed and prayed for answers. I read a lot of Christian apologetics books and nothing really helped for more than a couple days–none of them gave good answers to my questions.

Eventually, as I was interested in astronomy anyway, I started spending a lot of time browsing the science section in the small library of my hometown. I starting checking out books by Carl Sagan and such and took them home and read them in secret. I found you there as well, in a copy of River Out of Eden. It said something about a “Darwinian view of life” on the cover, which made me stop and stare for a moment. I'd completely rejected evolution as 'godless' and 'evil' in middle school and homeschooled with a curriculum from “Christian Liberty Academy” in high school. And spent my first two years of college at a Nazarene university. So I was totally, totally, ignorant of the theory of evolution. But by the time I found your book I was intrigued and hungry to know what my Christian leaders were keeping from me. Since then I've also read The Blind Watchmaker, Unweaving the Rainbow, A Devils Chaplain, The Ancestor's Tale (still working on that one), as well as a few from Carl Sagan, Steven Pinker, etc…

After reading yours and the other's works, all the apologetics and creationist books I ever read before or since look like the pure drivel that they are! And for helping to convince me that being an atheist is something to cherish, not to hide.

Thanks for helping to show the grandeur in the Darwinian view of life,


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