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Jan 30, 2013

It is nearly midnight and I can hardly believe that I am sitting here at the computer, but I have been glued to it for the last three hours, looking at The Edge and the reviews of the Beyond Belief conference. I started to read The God Delusion because I attended an Alpha Course here in Bury St Edmunds, I really went to support a friend who wanted to go, but after the first couple of weeks I was feeling more and more anxious and felt, I totally disagree with what these people are teaching but I need the vocabulary to express it. (I thought an Alpha course would deal with pertinent issues relevant to life, such as Christianity and Islam, Christianity and stem-cell research, but it doesn't, its like Sunday school!). So I bought and read The God Delusion, then I bought Breaking the Spell, then River out of Eden, and now I am reading The Devils Chaplain. Believe me I am the dimmest thing in the world but even I can read these books! I am looking at the website and do not know whether to get The Third Culture or The Next Fifty Years next, perhaps I will get both.

I work as an operating department practitioner and working closely with anaesthetists feel that some of them are among the cleverest people I will ever know, yet some of them are church goers, I don't know how they square the two really, I will keep reading and maybe I will get an understanding.

Many thanks for revitalising this old (nearly Fifty) bat.

Gill Miller

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