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Jan 30, 2013

Dear Richard,

I am happy to say that your book “The God Delusion” is responsible for 100% of my conversion to Atheism. However, I am sad to say that it may cost me my girlfriend. She is more Christian than God. Although I tried explaining to her my reasons for being an atheist, she just can't seem to let go of her faith. We love each other and are perfect for each other except on this one issue, and believe me, I have often entertained the idea of pretending to be Christian for the rest of my life, just so that I could be with her, except it would be easy to tell that I was lying.

I have also found that it is difficult for me to stop praying. I've prayed every night before I went to bed for my whole life, and now, I can't sleep unless offer at least a pretend prayer. So I usually pray that my girlfriend will open her mind to atheism.

Despite all this, I am so happy to finally knowing the truth, especially after being raised a pastor's son. It has given me a new appreciation for life.

My deepest thanks,


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