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Jan 30, 2013

Dear Richard

Two weeks ago my wife and I enjoyed our usual walk into the city of Wells from high up in the surrounding Mendips. As usual, we completed the walk with a visit to the pasty shop and a stroll around the wonderful architecture of Wells Cathedral.

The only change to me, which had happened before this walk and after all of those which preceded it, was that I had just finished reading your book. I entered the Porch and didn't donate the requested £5. As always, I was impressed with the scale of the building and the beauty of the stonework but that was all. Missing was the indescribable reverence I had felt during previous visits. I thought that the Priests (if that is what they should be called) looked ridiculous in their robes and I felt very sad for the young Choristers who appeared to be much too young to have decided for themselves whether they wanted to wear such silly costumes (when will Christianity stop favouring ridiculous dress?) or sing in praise of Jesus in Latin.

Of course I can still respect the beliefs of others, and I understand that anyone in mourning or faced with a terrible disease might want to sit quietly in such beautiful surroundings, but I also feel that there is an absurdity attached to such behaviour. Therefore I think it might be better to keep a respectful distance from this type of behaviour and also from Cathedrals, Churches and other religious buildings. I think that this is a bit of a shame but I don't think that God's house is any place for an atheist.

I suppose my wife and I will begin to see the relevent and thriving parts of cities from now on, rather than those which have become out of date and pointless.

Its all your fault!!

Thank you,

Stuart Taylor

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