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Jan 30, 2013

Dear Professor Dawkins,

I am another person converted to athiesm because of your views. As a young girl I was a passionate athiest and advocate for scientifc truth. But aged 13 I was swept away by the words of an evangelical preacher. They convinced me that only with God could I be moral and God was the only source of puropse and comfort. Nothing could have prepared me for what was to follow.

The psychological programming that was involved in the religion eventually lead to me developing suicidal clinical manic depression. I felt worthless and a victim of self-imposed emotional and mental abuse. It was a true blessing the rational sense of the word when I started studying science GCSEs in December 2005. The world through the eyes of athiesm was so beautiful and the scientific method was a complete liberation to the way I had destroyed myself with an absolutist way of thinking.

Then I saw 'The Root of All Evil' and everything you said about relgion made sense. Jill Mytton on 'The Virus of Faith' was a perfect example of how relgion has caused pschological problems for people like me and I particularily enjoyed 'The God Delusion' (tv episode) because it drew me to study science and philosophy and see what was inherntly violent and intolerant in relgion and what was enlightened about secularism.

Since then I've read 'The God Delusion' and 'Unweaving the Rainbow' and I've set my life on a path of athiesm and a sensitivity to the wonder of science and it has been the greatest thing that every happened to me. I've got my whole life together and a more positive course and things are so much better.

All I can say is a million heartfelt thanks for showing the truth that there is something wrong with religion and encouraging confident athiesm and wonder in science. If I hadn't been introduced to this my life would be much worse today than I could imagine (at the very worst I might even have commited suicide in a crisis of depresion).

Keep going with your message. We can still save the world from fundamentalism yet,

Emma Quigley (a 17 year old lower sixth form student)

Ps. I'm currently doing an arts mix Philosophy, English, French and History for A-Levels, but thanks to the message of 'Unweaving the Rainbow', I may switch to sciences for my careers. My dream in university would be to get into Oxbridge and at the moment is the chances of my grades being As are good.

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