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Jan 30, 2013

I just recently finished reading “The God Delusion” and I must say it is nice to see that at least some individuals can think clearly and make cogent arguments about what they believe or do not believe in. It seems many in America these days, cannot. I cannot count how many times I have been confronted with circular arguments about how god exists because he (god) said so. People seem to get quite offended when I tell them what I think of their nonsense. I think that when the Christian Right is forcing their beliefs upon everyone else and causing wars based upon theological (or as I prefer, mythological) disagreements, a raising of conscious in America is paramount. Conflict over abortion, same-sex marriage, intelligent design, and Bush's crusade against Islam (now there are rumors of an Iran invasion) are all frustrating dilemmas for an American atheist to think about. On a side note I could not stop laughing after Ted Haggard was exposed by his gay hooker for fornication and meth use. I remember well your interview with him in “The Root of All Evil” documentary. As an update to that story, religious counselors now “confirm” that “Rev. Haggard is completely heterosexual.”

Anyway, I for one am overjoyed to see you standing up for rationality and I use you as a model whenever I challenge my religious acquaintances to actually think rationally. It has not been easy. I have been ostracized from groups, insulted, mocked, and informed that I will “burn in hell.” Particularly painful was when my own mother told me she was embarrassed of me and that I was throwing away my family and everything I knew for “some phase.” Still, the integrity of my rational mind does not allow me to regress back to the Catholicism that I was forced into because of some loss and emotional strife. Nor would I want to.

You, Dr. Dawkins, should be knighted, given the Nobel Prize, and elected the President of the United States. You have profoundly affected my life and given me a new view about its meaning and the strength to stand up for my views. I would be honored to meet you and find myself wishing I had gone to Oxford so that I could have you as an instructor. I am planning to study abroad in Europe next year and I can only hope that our paths cross at some point. I want to thank you for your inspiration in this period of time darkened by the evils of nonsense religion.

Sincerely one of your (hopefully not the last) converts,


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