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Jan 30, 2013

Dear Professor Dawkins,

Around 10 years ago, while studying for my A-Levels, a friend of mine recommended your book 'The Selfish Gene'. Until this point I was probably a Deist with a leaning towards agnosticism. As soon as I had put down 'The Selfish Gene' I began to read another of your works, the excellent 'Climbing Mount Improbable'.

I can honestly say that by the time I had finished reading 'Climbing Mount Improbable' it had become the biggest single influence on my life philosophy. For the last ten years, through your books, lectures and TV appearances, you have been steadily raising my consciousness, and I became firmly agnostic.

I have several religious friends who are scientists and they have always been eloquent enough in their arguments to keep me in the agnostic camp. However, I think that every one of their arguments you have discussed in 'The God Delusion'.

As a direct result I am proud to say that I am now a firm Atheist. I am sure that I have always been an Atheist. However, it took 'The God Delusion' to finally raise my consciousness to a point where I am now firmly out of the closet.

Thank you for enabling me to be proud and certain of my Atheism. I am now regularly discussing my Atheism with friends and colleagues and I have to say that reactions are mixed. However, Atheism is now something that I am proud to promote, with 'The God Delusion' being my primary recommendation to all the people I meet who are interested to know more.

Thank you,

Tom Elliott

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