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Jan 30, 2013

Dear Professor Dawkins,

I am most grateful for your book, The God Delusion. With your book, lighting the dark room in my mind, I am able to fully grasp ideas like evolution. I was very shaky on evolution, growing up as a Methodist. Though my mother allowed me to freely pursue any science I so wished, I was bewildered on evolution. After all, I thought and, when I asked my religious leaders, told, how else could this world be created if not by God?. So my religious devotion continued until after the eighth grade where its foundations began to weaken as I was turned away from Christianity when I read the atrocities committed by the Crusaders in the name of God. Though I managed to convince myself these were just radicals, I couldn't help thinking why would God allow his servants to participate in such a slaughter. I continued on to waver on the line between religion and atheism. But I began my first steps to atheism when I began to read about secular humanism. I was attracted by its ideologies but was reluctant to fully call myself a secular humanist. I had still wondered if God did really exist. Then I came upon, with good luck, you and your book, The God Delusion. I said to myself that I would read your book the first chance I get. And I did. After reading it and watching your Root of All Evil?, I was ready to call myself a nonbeliever. I know what's true and right. I know, now, thanks to you, that natural selection is not just mere chance but a steady process and I am more armed in a debate with a believer. I know, now, that we humans did not come from monkeys but a common ancestor. I now know why believing in blind faith will result in disaster. With your book and, I have fully understood the evil of religion and the joy of atheism I e-mailed you this not only to express my gratitude to you but also a plea of help. While I declared my atheism to my schoolmates, another worry took over me. What about my mother, who remains steadfast with God? I fear the day when I must declare the truth that I'm an atheist to her. I will be needing help when that comes because she has, many times before, threatened to evict me if I come too close to disobey me. Despite that, I am proud to declare that I am an atheist and a secular humanist. So thank you very much for your book and your videos. I only wish that the religious world could view the world through your eyes, just only for one day.


A fellow atheist

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