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Jan 30, 2013

I started reading Douglas Adams' books in high school (a Catholic high school) because I thought they were ripping good fun, and I became quite a fan of Douglas. So naturally when “The Salmon of Doubt” came out I rushed right out and purchased it. Upon encountering the quote about Richard Dawkins' books mentioned at the top of “Converts Corner” I reasoned that any book that Douglas admired must be reasonably good. So I got myself a copy of “The Blind Watchmaker”. As stated above, I went to a Catholic high school, and was a moderately devout Catholic. Of course, I'd begun to have my doubts about the whole thing (by the time I picked up TBW I was in University, an environment much more suited to objective thought). After finishing TBW I really started thinking about how absurd the idea of an invisible man in the sky is. Besides the fact that I couldn't see any proof of such a deity, TBW really showed me that there didn't even seem to be much of a need for one. Been an atheist ever since.

Ted Potma

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