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Jan 30, 2013

To those who care to hear out one who has traveled a path of deepening truth;

I am near to being 70 years old. 2 years ago I was given an mergency operation consisting of a 3 line bypass of my heart's plumbing system. I still feel awed by the experience, having made a full recovery, without having uttered a single supplication for assistance and on awakening from the anesthesia, replied to my surgeon's question “How are you, Ben? I exclaimed , “Let's go Disco !”.

For the past 10 years I have developed the realization that the vast majority of humanity does not know how to think (rationally). The perfection of open heart surgery techniques by medical scientists and technicians is an overwhelming demonstration of applied science, which is saving hundreds of lives every day. When someone takes the time as I have, to learn about science, evolutionary psychology and related fields including why people believe in so many strange things , it is almost impossible to not drop most of the nonsense that filled my brain, for so long.

The most significant insight I have acquired is that ” faith” is the defender of it all. Its sanctification and regard as the highest of behavioral virtue is the basis of its power to enslave the human mind. When a religious thinker is intelligently confronted with valid counter argument to his understandings, he invariably turns to “faith” as his unassailable bastion of belief. The wide spread social acceptance of “faith” as a legitimate mental position explains “why” in spite of the increasingly obvious point that there are no deities or extranatural powers, belief in them still persists.

The general lack of critique within common human society of the quality of one's thinking is a second sociological flaw. This error will soon come home to roost as humanity wastefully exhausts the material basis for the world economy versus population levels..

Ben & Briana Simon

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