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Jan 30, 2013

After reading “God Delusion”, I feel like I was just awakened from a 38 year long drug induced sleep. Everything (life, the universe, and well, everything!) came into focus with such breathtaking clarity.

I finally let go of the idea of God and now science fits perfectly, and comfortably, in the newly available “space”. Mr. Dawkins, your book revealed evolution (and science in general) to be a wondrous, awe inspiring, beautiful thing. It's not just about the answers evolution provides, but about all the new questions it raises and all the exciting work still to be done!

I was one of those religious moderates who believed in “God”, but had never actually read the Bible. I just read it. Wow – what a horror! Even the New Testament is no source of meaningful modern morality – the Jesus I grew up believing in is nowhere to be found in the book I just read. Further evidence that man created God (and continues to re-create God), not the other way around?!?!?!?!

Thank you immensely for opening my eyes. My consciousness has been raised.

Julia M.

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