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Jan 30, 2013


I had no prior knowledge of whom you were or of your great work until I read 'The God Delusion'. Thank you for making this book. I had never been a religious person in any way, but I still held a belief of some superior designer that the human brain could not grasp. I could not justify the wonder of life otherwise. Your book not only gave me all the answers I needed on the subject to convert me to an atheist, but it also awakened a deep passion for reason, truth, science and the scientific way that have truly changed my life for the better. Now I have begun discovering little by little the tremendous wealth of information and knowledge that exists and is provided to us through books and lectures by great scientists like yourself who take the time to present the untrained public with knowledge that helps so much in building a better future for ourselves and the world. You have truly made and continue to make a positive impact in my life and for me that stands as the greatest compliment I can ever give to another human being.

Thank you once again Richard.

Mircea Macavei

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