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Jan 30, 2013

Dear Mr Richard Dawkins

Reading “The God Delusion” has helped me a lot. Being born with a moderate case of obsessive-compulsive disorder I have struggled with superstition my whole life. Many times my OCD was expressed through “religious behaviors” obsessive chanting, praying, collecting icons, talismans, the list goes on. On the extreme opposite side I am a logical person,working with computers and electronics, science and technology and I knew that my religious world was pure fantasy and did not believe what I was doing. I was trapped by my superstitious fears.

Your book has really helped me by providing my logical mind the facts that prove to me that my superstitions were in fact superstitions. I hope that others will read your book, or maybe by reading my story will be encouraged to read the book and like me, welcome the relief that comes from letting go of the type of “religious behaviors” I was in fact suffering from.


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