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Jan 30, 2013

I was a Christian for a few years. I spent time evangelizing on street corners with others as zealous as I was. I was an apologist who knew everything there was to know about how Christianity was the only true religion. I had gone to a Christian college in order to become a science teacher and expected it to reinforce my faith as a creationist. A wonderful faculty member (who was later fired) refused to let me be a fundamentalist science teacher. He helped me work through my objections to evolution. One way was by introducing me to the Blind Watchmaker. Still a favorite of mine. Once I realized that evolution was true I made a commitment to keep my faith in spite of it. However, once I began to think critically and realized how many people had lied to me (Henry Morris, Kent Hovind, Hank Hannengrath, etc) I began to research and become skeptical about everything. There were those who helped me vicariously through their work, of course Richard Dawkins, Brian Flemming, Michael Shermer, Daniel Quinn, etc. Without who I would still be trapped in a prison of false faith. I just gave my first lecture on Evolution and felt relief that I was teaching students to use reason and critical thinking to live instead of simply accepting what others told them.

Thank you so much!

A (real) science teacher

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