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Jan 30, 2013

Dear Professor Dawkins,

Brilliantly written book – The God Delusion. Having been made (by well-meaning parental pressure) to attend weekly synagogue and various Jewish studies that I did not entirely understand (but was told I would do in time), I resolved that I would not continue what I found to be a boring, non-sensical drudgery of Jweish study once my ascent into religious manhood (barmitzvah) had been reached. My troubled and confused path to atheism began the day after my barmitzvah on 25 January 1970.

I finally became a happy Jewish Atheist (smile) after the birth of my son. I refused to have him circumcised. I refused to plug religous dogma at him. I balanced out (as best I could)the sanctimonious nonsense the school's effort at plugging Christianity, patronising Islam and ticking boxes of Judaism, Hinduism and any other topical isms. (Except Humanism of course!). OK I'm starting to prattle.

Just to say that I have derived huge enjoyment in hearing you articulate what I could not possibly have done with such forthright clarity in your book. A helpful milestone in the process of reason and re-examination.

Together wishing my kids to visit Dachau, to walk to Mont-aux-Sources in the Drakensberg Mountains and to snorkel in a tropical sea by the time they turn 30, I'm going to ask them to read your book before they're 35!

Michael Levy

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