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Jan 30, 2013

Five times I have read The God Delusion since purchasing it as a bit of respite from revising for my Uni exams in January. Any doubts I ever had about Gods existence were wiped away following my first reading of the book. I am a mature student and the one major thing that reading this book has given me is the knowledge that it is my own work, and the support of a wonderful loving family that has allowed me to achieve what I have. I feel so alive knowing that I have had no outside supernatural help in reaching my goals at Uni, no divine influence to help me achieve my grades, and most definitely no Saintly hand in making sure my work is handed in before the deadline!!! If I had never went back to Uni, I would probably still be in my deadend job hoping or 'praying' that God will sort my life out. Instead, i am now at the end of my 2nd year and looking forward to my Honours year, knowing it is all my own doing!!!

Thank You Richard Dawkins for leading me to this new found belief in myself and raising my consciousness to the next level.

Steve Hooton

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