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Jan 30, 2013

Dear Professor Dawkins,

I have been given the most stressful, painful run-around by (American) family because they were forcing their baseless beliefs on me. When I had real-world problems, I was just told to pray about it. It was unreasonable and ridiculous. When I tried to explain that the Bible makes no sense, I was made to feel I'm part of Satan's influence, just because I questioned. I was made to feel I'm a rotten little backstabber. I was told I'd burn in Hell eternally and stand on heaping coals for not making a fool out of myself by saying I believe in Jesus. In fact, some members of my family said burning in Hell was symbolic. They weren't even consistent with one another. You can't imagine how frustrating this was. People lied to me and picked nice parts of the Bible out, excluded bad, but felt perfectly justified because in their minds they were bringing me to God. They tricked to me by acting like experts on the topic of evolution, assuring it can't possibly be true and they looked deeply into it. Now I hear them talk about it and realize they still don't understand the basics! They tricked me for years and years!

One day, Dr.Dawkins's thoughts were circulating on the net and I was fortunate enough to encounter them. It was the turning point of my life. I began to research Darwin, read Richard's latest book (The God Delusion), watch more and more videos, read theist “debates” (theists never had any evidence once so I'm not sure I'd call them debates), and seek other atheists to hear their logic. I realized this is all a global-scale lie infesting humanity. I went back and heard the religious side from my family again, but this time it was obvious they were ignorant and irrational. Darwin wasn't a predator. He brought more truth than anyone, yet religious people treated him like a pervert. I am now an agnostic atheist. I believe God is extremely improbable. I thank you so much Richard Dawkins! I very well may have wasted my whole life in a lie if it wasn't for you!!!


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