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Jan 30, 2013

Michel Rochon
Échantillonneur ASDE Survey Sampler

I remember very well the day that religion became an illogical fairy tale to me. I was 16, a Roman Catholic desperately searching for God. I was visiting Montreal and was taking in, St Josph Oratory. A friend said to me. .”Notice the marvellous architecture of the Basilica. And don't forget to visit the crypt of miracles. While you are there notice please that thrre are thousands of crutches given by cured people… but please note that there is not a single wooden leg.”
It struck mw like a hammeer blow to the forehead. I first ascertained the truth of the statement. then it dawned on me (thia was surely the friend's intention all along) that if God is to intervene in human affairs by changing the laws of nature why not do it seriously. (growing a new leg) rather than in small measure (relieving the need for a crutch).
I never believed in miracles after that, and once miracles are removed faith cannot be far behind.

Michel Rochon

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