Converts, Wed, Jan 30 2013 #(616)

Jan 30, 2013

Dear Professor Dawkins,

First, I would like to say that unfortunately, I can't contribute much to the Converts corner, except that you have made me feel comforted in that I was not being irrational or ignorant. Although, I realized that I was an Atheist in eleventh grade, but dared not admit it until the summer I graduated from high school, because my struggle in realizing that I was an atheist, was that I feared that I could not be moral. While most have religious parents, I have a devoutly non practising catholic mom, and an agnostic father, who hurt mom by leaving her for an older uglier woman named sherry. I thought it was his lack of religion that made him do that, so for two years, I questioned how I could still be moral, but I finally realized that my lack of belief would change me in no way except for that one factor. and I decided to read the bible which made me realize that religion has no foothold on morality. It wasn't until then that I also realized that I never believed and so when you say that all children are born Atheists it rings true to my mind, and the same as you say with child abuse. I did at various times in my young life feel the need to force myself to go to church, which mom would rarely do or anyone else in my family. I am the second person in my family to have made the sacrament of confirmation. You are my hero, because when your book came out you did motivate me to tell my mom that I was an Atheist, so that way she would understand me wanting the book, and she somehow expressed to me that she would rather I be pregnant than this, that she distrusted me, questioned my morality, and hurt me. Last x-mas, I received your book with Sam Harris's The End of Faith from her, I took this as a sign of acceptance from her and an apology. It still hurt though. More importantly, I began reading the book not just by myself but as a bedtime story to mom, and since then, she began to listen to my reason's for not accepting religion, for not believing, and has expressed to me that she no longer believes in an afterlife. Both of us feel closer to each other because there is a sense of honesty and trust that we had until that point not shared. So I would just like to say thank you. You have changed my life, along with Harris, Nietzche, Thomas Paine, and Dr. Robert Price. Most importantly though, you changed my life. I would now say that I am a staunch Atheist, and an Antitheist, mostly because of your book, The God Delusion.



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