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Jan 30, 2013

I can not express how thankful I am to you for helping me put my own doubts and convictions so eloquently and simply. It is easy to feel alone as an atheist. Claims of atheism tend to make others uncomfortable, angry, pity, or even frightened. My lack of religion has ended relationships and put much stress on my closest of friendships. It was horribly strenuous for myself to come to the decision. I always try to explain to my believing friends that it was the most difficult choice I have ever made, that suddenly the one thing I had turned to when I had nothing else was no longer real to me. It is much easier to believe in a God that watches over you, listens to you, and will reward you with eternal life when you die. To discount all this and make the conscious decision to believe in a total end to your own existence takes guts. It is the choice to face reason and truth rather than be contented with fantasy and dogma.

It was always interesting to me that respect for Christianity is held in such high esteem while respect for atheism is practically non-existent. A friend even commented to me that "atheism is a bad word." It is only society's ignorant biases and fears that give such a connotation to the word. Before reading your books I partly believed these words. I thought there must be something dysfunctional about me, something inherently lacking in morals. Your book has given me the conviction to know that my opinion is not only valuable, but ethical. Thank you for helping me organize my passion in my decision against religion. Thank you for being in the corner of every person who has decided they would rather live a life of knowledge and rational thinking than the drugged delusional state of religiosity.

Laura Lovato

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