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Jan 30, 2013

Dear Richard Dawkins

Hello You did not convert me to atheism, but you armed me with the tools to be proud of my atheism. heres my story.

I was born in 1989 to catholic parents (I was a child of catholic parents not a catholic child is you say) I never believed in religion or it's story's but still believed in god. I have always loved science and at the age of 13 i started learning all I could in evolution and in physics and other fields and really was a deist.

I have OCD and it makes me fear germs and even touching family now I have had to drop out of school because of it. Of all the trouble my OCD has cause me I like having it because once I have a thought in my head i can't let it go and I now study astrophysics my OCD lets me go over a problem over and over until I understand it. one day after reading Stephen Hawking's a brief history of time I started thinking of were god was in all this and god filled less of the gaps he did when I was younger So I started looking up religions on the internet and found atheism and by now i was an ever unbelieving agnostic. when i found out about you and started looking at your website and you youtubes videos and then bought you book “the god delusion” and that made me a proud atheist and since then I have loved watching your videos and seeing how religions and the people who believe in them see the world not for the view but just but waiting to leave. i have never truly seen how religion treats people who don't agree with them or just believe in something else

Now I'm shore you'd be happy to here I am working my GED and going to college this fall to study evolution and astrophysics.

Your Friend Anthony Baker

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