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Jan 30, 2013

Hi Richard,

I am a 39 year old Mother of 2 and recently started work in a bookshop. My manager had bought a copy of the God Delusion and lent it to me as I was interested in what you had to say. Well, as I read the introduction about you goal to convince people that God is not real, I could tell that it was the book for me and by the 3rd Chapter I purchased my own copy.

I have always questioned why people believe so strongly and blindly in religion. Even as a young child when forced to attend Sunday school, I would argue with the teacher about how the stories could actually be true!! (They didn't appreciate me at all I could tell). I threatened to run away from the Sunday school if I had to keep going and luckily my parents didn't force me.

I have since found out that my father wants to read your book too and is not a believer, it is not something we have ever talked about before! Also my 14 year old daughter is now a big fan after reading the book and watching "The Root of all Evil".

We feel so relieved that there are plenty of other people out there, who can also see how crazy it is to believe blindly in a book that has such hatred in it and as for the Muslims!!!!!!! But the one thing that really surprised me was the reaction from 2 of the people I work with. I was questioned about what was in your book and I did nothing but quote different parts, like the chapter on morality and what is in the bible etc and without me trying to convert them or saying that I was an Atheist, I was attacked with anger for even reading it and when I heard them muttering in the corner that at least they were going to heaven, I decided to drop the subject real quick. One of the girls asked me again later why I was so against religion and this time I told her exactly what I felt, that I was a just and moral person who loved my family and was excited about doing something worthwhile with my life and I didn't need a bible to teach me that, so we agreed to disagree.

I am now proud to say that I am an Atheist and want to do my bit to help the world to see the truth.

I have ordered "The River out of Eden" to read next.

Thank you for confirming what I have always felt and giving me the courage to speak out.


Janelle Brooker

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