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Jan 30, 2013

Dear Prof. Dawkins

I can only thank you for writing these amazing book (and your terrific DVD) which helped me as a teenager and my little sister (13 years old ) to shake of the ignorance and arrogance that religion imposed on us and basically corrupted our character. Those might be strong words but growing up in a catholic village in the German countryside can very well be described as ignorant.

I discovered you and your books during my foreign exchange year in Texas and without a question I was “the wired german kid” due to the fact that I didn't believe in a god. It was a pretty tough time to be an outcast of society living in the so called “bible belt” but your books and your website with all its videos have helped me getting through it and becoming a more conscious human ( or a monkey who only got A's on his report cards, as I've been referred to in the US).

Long story short , thank you for teaching me these important lessons that helped me on my way to becoming an adult.


PS: I truly apologize for any kind of horrible English language mistakes 😉

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