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Jan 30, 2013

Dear Richard:

My story is quite twisted, but I can summarize it as follows:

I was baptized into the Roman Catholic Church within my first year of life, however, my family did not really attend services regularly, this allowed me to take advantage of a very secular education, I loved science and technology in my early days. In regards to my beliefs, they could fit into agnosticism at this point of life, even though I knew a lot about science and reason.

Once romantic love knocked my door at the age of 23, I fell into all kinds of churches.
– First I became very interested in mormonism, I even got baptized and “confirmed” in this church.
– Then pentecostalism…
– Finally, I was willing to go back to the Catholic Church and even do my “first communion” in order to get married with all the requirements.

(I´m not going into details as I find them very embarrassing)

Something was really wrong, the attempt to increase the odds of succeeding with my opposite sex mates, them being religions, really messed with my core beliefs (agnosticism based on scientific facts).

Luckly (well, kind of), I suffered a big disappointment with my ex-girlfriend with whom I was already engaged (I gave her the ring in front of the images of Jesus Christ and the Virgin of Guadalupe), I thought she was “the one”. She was unfaithful in the most horrible and unexpected way and treated me like garbage at the very end. You are right, definitely morals do not come from religion, and even if they do, most religious people do not really follow their “commandments”, at least those that really matter.

Now, I fully believe that God is as plausible as a celestial teapot or the Flying Spaguetti Monster.
Nevertheless, I am still trying to recover for the second big delusion: romantic love. Hopefully I can find a nice atheist or agnostic lady very soon, the quest has just begun.

I have read these books so far: The blind watchmaker, the selfish gene and the god delusion.

Thanks for your great work!!, you are a light in this second stage of the dark ages. Consider me your friend and follower to accomplish the mission of RDF.



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