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Jan 30, 2013

Dear Richard,

I have just finished reading The God Delusion and would like to thank you for helping me put a lot of the ideas and feelings I had about religion into some sort of order. I have never been a believer in any religion but was lacking conviction and was insecure about what I really believed. Many of the points you put across in your book resonated with me and matched many of the thoughts I had already had about religion.

I am absolutely certain that there is no God however I am still trying to get to grips with the origin/first spark of life as a chance event. I have not discarded the possibility of panspermia theories of life beginning on Earth. I have a real problem imagining a molecule as complex and as intricate as DNA just forming by chance. The more I look at it the more it appears to be like a mini mechano set. Certainly no supernatural being created it but perhaps it did land here from some other region of the Universe and was “built” by a far technologically advanced race. Who knows? Maybe we are all truly aliens! I read your book immediately after finishing “Supernatural” by Graham Hancock. A very interesting read if you have not come across it.

Anyway I will do my best to get my christian friends to read your book(s). Some of them will be hard work but I will do my best to release their minds from the chains religion has already bound them in. Cheers Richard.

Kind Regards,


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