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Jan 30, 2013

I know i have a slim chance of mr. dawkins actually reading this, or this being published on the site, and if it does get through, i must firstly apologize for any spelling or grammatical mistakes.

My name is Balach, and I live in pakistan, aged 23, i have been unfortunate to have wasted some 5-6 years of my adult life (after 16), in religion. But over the past two years i have gradually lost my faith (or chains!),, primarily because of my curious nature, trying to get to the truth.. questions such as how god controls the universe, how does it intervene, about fate ,,, leading upto: does a god actually exist? and so on.. Like most people who encounter these questions i got confused, somehow i felt i had the answers but couldn't dig them out or maybe i wasn’t ready to appreciate the new thoughts developing inside my mind.. Didn’t have any peers or relatives to discuss things, (as u might know things are quite messed up here when i comes to religion.)..

But reading ur articles, watching the interviews and thnx to some other authors it has all come to a conclusion. I realize its possible and actually the best way to live as an athiest humanist rather than a fundo (or even a liberal religious)..

Thanx for ur time and all of ur writing, I’m sure they r helping a lot of people all over the world, just like they’ve helped me. Keep it up…


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